Hey, this photo is © Olena Sullivan | photolena.


A little bit of background about Photolena


I’m a Toronto-based media artist with a background in graphic and interactive design. I’ve been shooting burlesque and performance for over 5 years and have honed my skills in the studio to shoot other sexually progressive medium such as kink, fetish, fine art nude, and boudoir.

I love the fact that burlesque is so inclusive – you can be anyone and participate. Burlesque does not discriminate based on gender, race, sexual preference, size, shape, religious belief, social status, political leaning, or class. All you need is some creativity, a fantastic costume, a killer soundtrack, a few dance moves, the basics of neo-burlesque (reveal, feather fan work, scarves), and a whole lotta guts to get on that stage and shimmy and shake your way into the audience’s heart. The vibrant energy of the genre keeps me coming back month after month and the people behind the characters become the true story behind my photos.

Studio sessions can be booked by anyone and for any type of theme and style – boudoir, fine art nude, kink, fetish, burlesque, headshots, etc. As my work is mostly adult-themed, I do not work with pets, children, or babies.