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2012 Was Alright With Me

December 31, 2012 Articles, General

It’s New Year’s Eve, I’ve sampled some lovely bubbly over at the wine store in anticipation of tonight’s festivities, and Nina Hagen’s playing in the background. It’s the perfect mood for a look back at 2012…

Jett Adore

Jett Adore

This year had me continuing my literary pursuits with the great folks – JD Oxblood and Melody Mudd – over at Burlesque Beat Magazine¬†based out of New York City. They continued to indulge my burlesque event photography and writing mashups to the tune of 17 articles! I covered not only the Toronto scene, but Montreal and Detroit as well, reviewing and promoting the amazing talent at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, the Montreal Burlesque Festival, Theatre Bizarre, Les Coquettes‘ many shows, Girlesque 7, and the Outlaw Strippers Ball. We have so much fantastic talent here in Canada and I’m happy to be able to do my small part in promoting it around the world – and with 1000 hits per day at their site, that’s some great exposure!

Keela Latex 1

Latex Dreams

I spent a lot of time in the studio this year, which was a welcome and exciting change. Although I love the chaotic energy of shooting live performance, I revel in the creative process of working on a theme or project with studio lighting, props, and eager and receptive clients. 2012 kicked off with a super sexy pinup shoot with Dolly Berlin and Blonde Moxie Makeup and it was all uphill from there. Honey B Hind joined me in for a Russian/gypsy themed shoot and our little Slavic wonder team with Blonde Moxie at the MUAH helm made magic in the studio. Tanya Cheex got the opium den treatment while Sauci Calla Horra looked beautiful in 20s style. Alt band SquidLid got me experimenting with black light and neon. I was mesmerized by Blonde Moxie‘s airbrushing for Charlie Quinn‘s vintage poster shoot. Keela Watts showed me her kinky side. The gals of Nerd Girl Burlesque brought out my inner geek for a fun themed shoot. We soared to new heights with Jane Wilson‘s pole dance shoot. Among these, I had the chance to work with some private clients on boudoir and pinup, as well as some fun editorial photo shoots.

I was truly lucky to have two of my pinup images published this year – a first since I started working in the studio! An image from my shoot with Dolly Berlin was published in the Pinup Perfection Magazine 2012 Coffee Table Book – a great honour for me to be included in this annual. In September, Blonde Moxie and Delcia Pastiche of Nerd Girl Burlesque joined me in the studio to shoot a series of Sugar Skull photos for submission to the Pinup Perfection Halloween issue and one was accepted for publication.

Wassup 2013?

Tube Fashion

Tube Fashion

2013 will be the year of the editorial for me – I want to focus more on studio shooting with a theme or project in mind in order to be able to be able to concentrate on magazine submissions and themed exhibits. This will also challenge my creativity in planning, composition, and shooting in order to plan the shoots better. With more workshops – thanks to Toni Wallachy and others in Toronto – I’ll be able to expand my skills and build a bigger studio portfolio.

I love to work with my clients in the studio – they all come to the table with such unique ideas. I’ll be continuing to offer studio sessions as well as gift certificates towards future sessions for those who would like to give these as gifts.

Burlesque Beat has me hooked and I will continue to write about Toronto’s energetic burlesque scene, concentrating on one major event per month to allow me to really focus on the photos and be able to get them to the performers as well. It takes time to go though an event full of photos and cutting down to one a month will ensure that I can get through them and still work in studio.

I will be sharing my knowledge of photo editing and artistry by teaching monthly Photoshop workshops at Pink Panther Studios starting January 22nd. Stay tuned for how to sign up and a list of topics.

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