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My first ComiCon

March 12, 2012 @ The Events, Articles

Maybe it’s from watching too many episodes of Big Bang Theory or maybe it’s from seeing so many great photos of cosplay coming out of the west coast from Flickr friends – whatever it may be, this year I decided to delve into the world of the superfan and head out to the second day of Toronto’s ComiCon.

As I didn’t really grow up on comic books – I was more a TV or movie comic fan – I came dressed as my own character, the totally stoked photographer somewhat out of her element. I was really looking forward to seeing just how creative the attendees could get with their costumes. I wasn’t disappointed…

I quickly got into the flow of the major themes at the show – anime, Japanese lolitas (who bewitched me with their cuteness into buying tiny little hats), video game characters, comic book characters, and more Star Wars than I’ve ever seen in one room! Oh, and the Ghostbusters – somewhat on their own there, not really fitting into any category, really.

Squid Lid

The artist’s alley was a magical place – so great to be able to go from artist to artist and watch them create their art right before your eyes. So much wonderful work that I’m amazed I didn’t come home with stacks of original comic art. One of the artists – Chris (Sinj) Burke – was not only a great illustrator and painter, but a doppleganger for Heath Ledger’s Joker right down to the psychotic slouch and long coat. I’m sure I’m not the only one who ask him to pose for a photo – how could you not come away without his portrait?

It was great to see the ladies represented! Roller Derby girls were zipping in and out of the showrooms, skating around promoting their kickass sport. And a new band – Squid Lid – was making quite a splash with their blacklight makeovers. Billed as “electro-glow industrial circus”, their statuesque singer Chloe Dellark posed for a photo.

It was a fun day with some great creative people. Enjoy the photo show…

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