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6 Inspirational Photo Artists from Around the Globe

January 9, 2012 Articles, Inspiration, Top Picks

With excellent photo sites such as 500px, 1x.com, and (occasionally) even Flickr bringing photographers from all around the world to our browsers, a whole new world of exceptional and inspirational photography has opened up in a way that was never possible before. But, although gallery pieces can only be seen in small number compare to the web, the two are completely different experiences. The digital artistry of today’s photographers that can be more easily found, followed, and learned from on the web while the collections that are viewed and experienced in galleries extend the visual experience from pixels to paper, framing, and lighting to create a wholistic view.

Coming to more serious photography later in life – that high school class was more an excuse to hang out in the darkroom with my boyfriend – I find that my heavy Photoshop-based design background plays a big part in the post-processing of my photos. I’m constantly trying to learn ways to combine the two skills in more skillful and creative ways and each year I find new photo artists that I can add to my growing list of skilled creatives that I can learn from:

Dean West

| Canada | This award-winning Toronto photographer is one of the best conceptual artists I have ever seen. His mastery of layers allows him to produce fantastical pieces that are rich in colour and texture. I have seen his pieces in print and have found myself mesmerized by their beauty and complexity.

Natalie Shuau

| Lithuania | Natalie mixes photography, illustration, and 3D elements to create haunting art pieces and stunning fashion photos. He style is influenced by religious imagery, classic horror literature, fairytale illustrations and Russian classic literature.

Fredrik Ödman

| Sweden | An amazing creative visionary, he’s able to take a simple subject – the banana – and create a complete fantastical concept series. His composed animals series takes you through a freakshow carnival worthy of Dr. Moreau.

Kiyo Murakami

| Japan | I’ve been following Kiyo’s work for the past couple of months and admire the way she enhances her portraits. Her layering and photoshop skills allow her to create surreal scenes that draw you into their stories.

Igor Voloshin

| Ukraine | A follower of Dali, his surreal photo art is so beautifully composed and processed, you can easily believe it to be a painting. Well thought out concepts exquisitely executed.


| France | In his own words – “Writer, photographer, digital artist, surgical tools collector, psychedelics user, urban explorer, amputation lover, industrial fan, mystic transcendence seeker, asceticist, organ trafficker and so on…” His Saints series is hauntingly beautiful.

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