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How’d She Do That? – Photoshop techniques for photographers

January 1, 2012 Articles, Tips & Tricks

Welcome 2012! The past year was a great time of growth for me: learning studio techniques from skilled photographers like Toni Wallachy, getting to know even more creative performers from across the country, and collaborating with and learning from my HangMan 7 colleagues Chris Hutcheson, Timothy Neesam, Ruth Gillson, and Toni.

I thought I’d share some of my own photo processing techniques with my photography colleagues as much of what I’ve learned over the years has been through the sharing of techniques through online tutorials and step-by-step guides. We all learn from each other, adapting base techniques to suit our needs, tweaking here and there to create whole new techniques and styles.

Welcome to How’d She Do That?, a new video tutorial that walks you through a Photoshop technique you can use and modify for your own photographs. Each episode will focus on a specific style you’ve seen used in my own galleries. Nothing too complicated… well maybe later.

How’d She Do That? – High Key

(The video is best viewed full screen – don’t worry, it’s HD)

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