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Through the Looking Glass

August 24, 2011 Articles, Portfolio, Projects

It’s great when model, theme, costume, makeup, and photographer just click and produce a shoot that’s not only creative, but also constantly evolving and inspiring new ideas.

Such a shoot came about this past weekend at Pink Panther Studios when we put burlesque dancer Rubie LaFramboise‘s elegant modeling together with MUAH Aviva Rosnick‘s beauty skills, Toni Wallachy’s studio expertise, and several unique costumes. The overall theme was Alice Meets the Mad Hatter – a play on her two costumes, one being a beautiful fantasy inspired dressed by Betty Monroe Designs, and one being her popular Mad Hatter burlesque costume.

I like to work with loose sets – just general ideas of costume and backdrop – to allow for creativity and inspiration to flow from one photographer to another and with the abundance of props on hand such as fabrics, teapots, and candelabras, no time was wasted before the shoot turned into a true fantasy world with Rubie playing the role of our Alice.

Set 1 – Mad Men

When I first photographed Rubie in her beautiful dress, it was with the addition of a couple of props – mainly a lovely blue fascinator and a long cigarette holder complete with (fake) cigarette. Of all the shots from this set, this one made me think of one of the executives’ wives lounging at a party on the show Mad Men. She’s in her best dress and hat, waiting for someone to come and light her cigarette – a lady never lights her own cigarette. Her classic look inspired me to post process it in this style.

Set 2 – Gauzy Fantasy

The second set was a complete 360 as we brought out the wind machine and some beautiful gauzy blue billowy fabric and had fun with air currents. The lighting was much more dramatic, creating some beautiful shadows and a much softer, dreamy feel to the photos.

Set 3 – Mad Hatter

For our final set, we did a complete costume and makeup change to shoot the Mad Hatter, which I must apologize I don’t have photos of…yet. They’ll be posted as soon as I can edit them.

After the shoot

The really fun part of the shoot came afterwards, when I stayed behind to take a couple of extra shots. Rubie looks so fantastic with fascinators in her hair, or just hats in general, that a red fascinator caught my eye in the change room. I had a feeling it would fantastic with her red feather eyelashes. Toni, a truly creative photographer herself, put together a beautiful set with pillows, feathers, and a beautiful satiny lingerie piece for just a couple of extra photos. Inspiring!

And let’s not forget our fearless MUAH – Aviva. She did such a beautiful job on Rubie’s makeup and hair and all the touch-ups that were needed. A couple of minutes, a lovely wig, some dreamy fabric and voila – some keepsake studio shots for our favourite bellydancing makeup artist.

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