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Changes are a-comin’….

August 1, 2011 Articles, News

It seems like ages since a bunch of my photo colleagues and I decided to delve into the glamorous world of burlesque when we attended the Toronto Burlesque and Montreal Burlesque Festivals back in 2010 to get material for our successful Velvet Divide: Art of Burlesque exhibit back in October ’10. Not only did I immerse myself back into an art form that I found so compelling back in my twenties, but this time around I had a chance to personally get involved in the community and meet the amazing men and women who put together performance after creative performance, month after month.

Although some of my colleagues enjoyed the experience and have moved onto other projects, a couple of us – Toni Wallachy of Pink Panther Studios, Chris Hutcheson, and myself included – have continued our adventures in alternative performance photography and have delved even further into erotic photography.

When I look back now, it all seems to have been a natural progression in my photography. I started out shooting alternative architecture with my urban exploration – locations that everyday people either don’t know exist or knowingly ignore and avoid out of fear of the unknown. I was never much into people photography, but when I realized I could shoot alternative subject matter – that which most people are uncomfortable with or isn’t mainstream subject matter such as all things erotic and alternative performance – I found a new passion.

So now I have this website that started out way back as my fine art architecture site and has turned into my performance and model photography site. I believe it’s time to do some serious house cleaning. So in the next week or so you can expect to see:

  • this website become strictly a performance/model themed site
  • a new logo that reflects the site and services more appropriately
  • cleaning up of the gallery

Don’t worry – the architectural works aren’t disappearing forever. They’re going to be moved to a new location, one that’s devoted strictly to the fine art side of my photography. My existing logo, which has always been associated with my fine art works will find a new home there as well.

So please be patient while the website is revamped. If you find any broken links, please let me know and check back soon for the new Photolena!

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