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Playing with Puppet Doll

May 18, 2011 Alternative, Articles, Portfolio, Projects

I finally had a chance to take in a workshop at Pink Panther Studios on the weekend and shoot Puppet Doll – a model with piercings, tattoos, and colourful dreadlocks – in a fetish workshop.

Puppet Doll lived up to her name as the other workshop participants had her pose as a live marionette. An interesting, if not a bit literal concept. I’m sure that she’s posed this way many times. What I particularly liked about her was her hair – I haven’t worked with a model with multi-coloured dreadlocks before and I’m finding the pinks, blues, greens, and purples are really creating some eye-catching images in my prost-processing. It gives Puppet Doll a real anime look in some of the shots.

Puppet DollWhen we brought out the wind machine and sheer fabrics the shoot really went up a notch in creativity. You wouldn’t normally equate such delicate softness with a fetish shoot, but the green and dark pink fabrics worked off Puppet Doll’s hair, and with the use of a directional light we had instant drama.

I highly recommend Pink Panther Studios’ workshops – they specialize in fine art nudes and erotic photography so it’s not for a mainstream crowd. You can find additional photos of Puppet Doll from my shoot in my Flick set and I’ll be posting them to my Gallery shortly.

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