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April 28, 2011 @ The Events, Articles, Top Picks

The Scotiabank CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival (that’s just getting longer every year!) officially begins this weekend with over 100 local, national, and international photographers converging on Toronto to exhibit under the theme of Figure and Ground,a popular Marshall MacLuhan concept borrowing from the Gestalt approach of examining the influences that permeate and change social structures.

Every year, I find it harder and harder to make it out to all the creative and inspiring exhibits across this vast cityscape – trying to balance colleague exhibits with new faces. You probably have the same problem – too many excellent exhibits, too little time. Let me help you figure out what to see with a couple of lists I’ve put together of my must see shows. Today’s list – the amazingly talented photographers I know who are participating:

Photolena’s Picks – It’s Who You Know

  • Exposed: Figure & Ground
    @ Gladstone Hotel, 2nd Floor
    [highlight type=”yellow”]variousartists including Melanie Gordon[/highlight]
    This annual group show looks at how photography inherently directs our attention, and delineates the ways viewers perceive environments and understand the world around them.
  • Raw Memory
    @ Gallery 1313
    [highlight type=”yellow”]various artists including Timothy Neesam[/highlight]
    Members of the artist-run Gallery 44 Centre of Contemporary Photography examine the tension between perceiving and recalling the world outside and the world within, utilizing a variety of styles and approaches, including both digital and chemistry-based processes.
  • Codependencies
    @ Cobalt Gallery
    [highlight type=”yellow”]Felicity Somerset[/highlight]
    Her new series is a study of the skeletons of broken shells, battered and worn by the Atlantic surf on the eastern coast of the US. Each image is isolated, removing it from its oceanic context, positioned on a field of dark glass, resulting in images that suggest a codependency and intimacy exploring interaction between figure and ground.
  • Minus Colour
    @ Delight Chocolate
    [highlight type=”yellow”]Dale M. Reid[/highlight]
    An exhibition of b&w floral images that show the viewer and alternate to what is normally seen in a flower – the colour – by emphasizing the beauty and interest in their shape and form.
  • Coney Island
    @ Lakeview Restaurant
    [highlight type=”yellow”]Adam ShaX[/highlight]
    In his new series, ShaX continues to explore NY through his fisheye lens, injected with his signature vibrancy.

Check them out if you have a chance. Once my Chornobyl/FAT weekend is over, I’ll be posting a list of shows that I want to get to – let’s hope this year that works out.

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