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January 26, 2011 Alternative, Articles, Projects
Dolores del Fuego

Dolores Del Fuego

Starting at the end of February, I’ll be embarking on a new adventure – teaching erotic photography with the uninhibited ladies over at The Keyhole Sessions. It’s not a traditional workshop – this is a structured 6 week course that will take our students on a journey through the erotic landscape, an environment often considered taboo, and explore the relationship between sex and art.

Although there are so many things that are important to cover in this type of course – how different lighting setup can create drama, working comfortably with your model so that you can properly direct them, composing the scene in camera, props, MUAH, and post production – there are also the underlying issues of the nude as artistic subject and sexual hangups prevalent in society.

We’ll be tackling sexuality and eroticism head on in 5 themed classes – taught by myself and fellow photographer N Maxwell Lander, a supremely talented award-winning erotic photographer:

Class 1: Course intro & B&W

The black and white nude is a timeless classic and can convey mystery and drama if you learn how to light it properly. When you take away your dependence on bold colour to create drama in a photograph, you are forced to use composition, tonal contrast, shape, form, and lighting to tell your story. Learn to think in monochrome and see what dramatic effects you can create.

Esther De Ville

Class 2: Fetish Pinup

Channeling a little bit Bettie Paige and a little bit of Dita for inspiration, you’ll learn to take pinup to a new lascivious level by introducing some fetish props such as latex and leather. Learn how to marry classic pinup poses with a fetish twist to create your ultimate alt pinup girl.

Class 3: Fetish Fashion

Noone has anything on Lady Gaga when it comes to fetish fashion. Along with Madonna in the 90s, they have managed to bring leather, latex, ballet boots, and other beautiful creations to the mainstream video audience. Learn how to shoot both in studio and in natural light to highlight both the fasion and the model and create that fetish glam look.

Class 4: Shibari

If you’ve been to a Girls on Film photo session through the Keyhole Sessions, then you know the work of JP Robichaud, TKS’ extremely talented rigger. He’ll be on hand to help us walk you through the steps of working with a rigger, basic safety tips, and you’ll get a chance to shoot both suspension and ground ropework.

Class 5: Porn

Put everything aside that you think you know, or have been conditioned to think, about porn. It’s sex, it’s hot, and it’s perfect subject matter for erotic photography. Walk away from this class not only with a whole new skillset and great photos, but also a new appreciation for this often stigmatized artform.

Each class will run 3 hours on Wednesday evenings starting on February 23rd. Each class includes an overview on lighting setup, hands-on photography with the models, and photoshop/lightroom tips and techniques you can use yourself at home. There’s a couple of ways you can participate if you’re interested:

  • Sign up for the entire course – if you do, you’ll get to attend the next Girls on Film photo session for free where you can test out your new mad skills with TKS’ 5 lovely fetish models, can upload your photos from every class so that your instructors can provide feedback and critique to help you improve your technique, and you can attend a portfolio review class at the end of the course to present your best pieces for review and critique.
  • Buy 3 classes à la carte – choose the 3 classes you’re most interested in for a smaller fee, but you’ll have to pay to attend the Girls on Film photo session and won’t be able to participate in any photo critique.

Registration is online – classes are starting soon so get yourself signed up! If you have any questions, you can contact the Keyhole Sessions at peekthrough@thekeyholesessions.com or just email me at olena@photolena.ca

Class breadown – http://thekeyholesessions.com/classbreakdown
Full schedule – http://thekeyholesessions.com/xlens/schedule

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