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A Photographer’s Resolutions for 2011

December 31, 2010 Articles, Inspiration, Projects

I’ve made resolutions in the past – what I’ve found is a) they need to be specific, b) involve major changes in your life or attitude, and c) if you pick anything relating to addictions (smoking, food, gabling, etc.) you are bound to fail within 2 weeks. If you call them “goals” you have an exponential chance of succeeding.

For the past several years, I’ve tried to focus my goals on my career. It can be summed up in this completely non-mathematical equation:

[ career moves forward = success = happy Olena = huzzah! ]

Having recently gone through the death of someone close to me I’ve gone through some inner reflection, specifically in the areas of what is important to me, what do I want to change, and where do I want to go from here? It makes for a much more interesting list of goals for 2011:

  1. I will continue to build my photography career with an ultimate goal of a full income from photography and photography-related work (ok, this may be a little more long term).
  2. I will do a long-term project culminating in a solo exhibit in 2012 and/or publication.
  3. I will attend and shoot a performance once per month. (so far so good)
  4. I will share my skills with other photographers by teaching photography techniques and post production tips. (Accomplished 2/11)
  5. I will publish my second book.
  6. I will apply for a grant (wether I get it is up to the powers that be).
  7. I will post to my blog monthly, but will push to do it twice a month.
  8. I will expand my network of peers. (Definitely on the right track)
  9. I will set up shop online. (Accomplished 1/1/11)
  10. I will learn to shoot from the hip (this means giving up control, not something I’m good at).
  11. I will experiment with printing and framing techniques. (Accomplished!)
  12. I will strive to shoot only in a series – with a purpose. I have too many photos!
  13. I will set up my studio rates and start booking sessions. (Accomplished!)
  14. I will set up shop on Model Mayhem. (Accomplished!)
  15. I will surround myself with those who inspire me, challenge me to explore my skills and try new things, and support me in all the new, unique, sometimes dangerous, and mostly insane adventures I venture on. (done and Done!)
  16. I will free myself those things in my life that hold me back, shackle me to the norm, and provide no pleasure or gratification. (Constantly a work in progress…)

I’ll be checking the list often throughout the year and checking off what I’ve been able to accomplish. Not that 2010 wasn’t a busy year – so much happened and there were so many changes in my career. I think it’s best viewed in photos….

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