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Girls on Film

August 26, 2010 @ The Events, Alternative, Articles

I It’s been a year of self-discovery and branching out in new directions. One of those new directions has been into the world of some may call “alternative” model photography. I like to think of it as creative, saucy, sensual, provocative, empowering, and a little bit kinky at times.

Girls on Film

This week an opportunity came up that I couldn’t pass up – the Keyhole Sessions: Girls on Film II. Usually a sketch event (something I haven’t done since life drawing class in college), every couple of months they put on a special “photographer’s only” model shoot. 30 photographers + 5 fetish models + 1 rigger + 2 hours with a kick ass soundtrack accompaniment = one amazing night of creativity.

They say it’s all about the light. That’s never been so true than when you’re shooting the female form. The soft skin, the curves…and the tattoos. I’m a big fan of the tattoos. All of these meshed beautifully with the Moroccan-inspired decor of The Foundation Room – the rich red velvet curtains, red couches and pillows, mosaic lanterns – actually a lot of velvet.

Thanks to our lovely models: jay.kay, Nymph Suicide, Jennifer Rose, Pandora La Glamme, and Stella Semiautomatic.

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